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By Asuncion Dental Group
November 18, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Would you like to replace a large metal filling or get a lifelike porcelain crown quickly? You can at Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick. Dr. Frederick Asuncion is the general dentist who offers CEREC technology so you can have get the restoration you need without the hassle of multiple appointments, temporaries, or sticky impression trays.

What is CEREC?

It's an abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. Using modern computer-aided imaging, design, and manufacturing processes, your Frederick general dentist creates inlays and onlays (partial crowns) as well as full porcelain crowns in one to two hours. That's right: one to two hours, not days or weeks.

Here's how CEREC crowns work

Say you have a deeply decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth. Or, maybe you have multiple amalgam fillings on a single tooth. That tooth needs a crown or partial crown (inlay or onlay between or on the cusps of the tooth). Dr. Asuncion believes he can restore it, sparing needless extraction and the consequences to your personal appearance, oral function and bone structure.

So, you come to Asuncion Dental Group to receive a crown. Dr. Asuncion images the tooth digitally. His CEREC apparatus produces a three-dimensional rendering of the tooth, its neighbors and other elements surrounding the tooth.

Using this information, he creates a digital model of your new crown. The CEREC system helps him design it so its shape, bite and even color are perfectly accurate for your mouth. Then, the in-office milling machine creates the dental crown from a single blank of high-grade ceramic.

Dr. Asuncion glazes and stains the restoration as needed so it looks natural next to its unrestored neighbors. He also ensures it bites well with the opposing arch of teeth.

Dental Economics says that CEREC same-visit crowns have helped patients all over the country for the past twenty years. Crown margins are comparable to those produced in a dental lab, and the porcelain used is identical in quality, color and sheen.

The biggest advantages

Same-visit crowns save patients time and aggravation, eliminating:

  • Multiple trips to the dental office for try-ons
  • Messy impression putty and trays
  • The need for temporary crowns
  • Human error in the manufacturing process (crowns, inlays, and onlays are created with state of the art accuracy)

CEREC crowns are just as easy to care for as lab-created crowns. They last about 10 years or more, too.

It's your smile...

And, you deserve the best restoration method. So, why not check out one-visit CEREC crowns at Asuncion Dental Group? You'll be so pleased with the results. Phone today for a consultation with your general dentist in Frederick, MD, at (301) 620-8882.

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