Do You Have Periodontal Disease?
By Asuncion Dental Group
August 02, 2019
Category: Oral Health

Would you know if you had periodontal (gum) disease? While this common oral health disease may only cause subtle symptoms at first, it can eventually cause major damage to your gums, ligaments, and jawbone. Fortunately, your Frederick, MD, general dentist, Dr. Frederick Asuncion of Asuncion Dental Group, can help you decrease your periodontal disease risk with regular exams and dental cleanings.

What are the symptoms of periodontal disease?

Have you noticed that you seem to have bad breath most of the time? Although periodic breath odor can be caused by the foods you eat, chronic bad breath may be a sign of gingivitis, the mildest form of gum disease. If you have gingivitis, you may also notice that your gums bleed easily when you brush/floss, and look red and swollen afterward.

Gingivitis can also cause your gums to recede. If your teeth look a little longer these days, gum recession may be the reason.

As gum disease progresses, receding gums may become even more noticeable. Eventually, the gums will even pull away from the teeth, creating spaces around your teeth called pockets. These pockets offer the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. You may notice pus in or around the infected pockets.

Pain also tends to increase when gum disease becomes severe. Your inflamed, infected gums can make chewing a painful experience.

The bacteria in the deep pockets may attack gum tissue, ligaments, and bones that hold your teeth in place. The teeth may loosen or even fall out if you don't receive treatment for the disease.

What can I do about periodontal disease?

Mild gum disease is treated with a dental cleaning at your general dentist's Frederick office. If the disease has progressed, a deep dental cleaning may be recommended to remove the plaque, tartar, and bacteria above and below the gum line. In the cases of severe gum disease, you may need surgery to reduce the pockets, or a gum/bone graft to restore lost gum tissue and bone.

Like most things, preventing gum disease is usually easier than treating it. Practicing good oral hygiene and receiving regular dental cleanings can help you avoid devastating gum disease.

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