The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss
By Asuncion Dental Group
August 19, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Replacing a lost tooth (or teeth) offers more than just a boost to your appearance. Tooth loss can affect nearly every aspect of your life, including your oral and general health and social and professional life. Fortunately, dental implants offered by your Frederick, MD, dentist, Dr. Frederick Asuncion of Asuncion Dental Group, can restore your lost teeth.

These things can happen after tooth loss

Tooth loss can:

  • Alter Your Appearance: It's hard to feel confident when you have a gap in your smile. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, your appearance may change drastically.
  • Affect Your Personal Life or Career: Concerns about your appearance may lead you to turn down dates or invitations to socialize. Although your teeth have nothing to do with your job performance, you may find it harder to get a new job or advance in your career if you have missing teeth.
  • Make Chewing Difficult: The loss of even one tooth can affect your chewing ability. Without a full set of teeth, it can be hard to bite into food.
  • Cause Nutritional Deficiencies: If chewing certain foods is difficult, you might decide to just avoid those foods. Unfortunately, this may mean that you don't receive the vitamins and other nutrients you need to stay healthy.
  • Change Your Speech: If you've lost multiple teeth, you may discover that it's impossible to pronounce certain words or sounds clearly. Tooth loss may lead to communication issues if other people can't understand you.
  • Lead to Future Tooth Loss: The fate of your other teeth may be in jeopardy if you don't replace the missing roots of your lost teeth. Tooth roots place constant pressure on your jawbone, which helps keep it healthy. If your jawbone doesn't receive stimulation from tooth roots, it may shrink and be unable to support your teeth.

Dental implants offer a long-lasting way to restore long teeth

Dental implants create brand new teeth that are rooted in your jawbone just like your natural teeth. The process starts with the implantation of small titanium rods in your jawbone. These implants bond to your jawbone and serve as new tooth roots. Dental implants are connected to dental crowns, artificial restorations that replace the visible parts of your teeth.

Your new teeth will feel and function just like your natural teeth. In fact, you'll be able to eat anything on the menu at your favorite Frederick restaurant. Implants also stimulate your jawbone, preventing it from shrinking.

Fill the gaps in your smile with dental implants. Call your dentist in Frederick, MD, Dr. Asuncion of Asuncion Dental Group, at (301) 620-8882 to schedule an appointment.


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