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By Asuncion Dental Group
January 21, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

All-on-4 Dental ImplantsHow your dentist in Frederick, MD, can rebuild your smile

If you are missing teeth, you may have already heard about dental implants, the state-of-the-art way to rebuild your smile and restore your chewing function. But did you know there is a new kind of dental implant? It’s true, and this revolutionary dental implant system is called All-On-4 dental implants. Dr. Frederick Asuncion at Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick, Maryland offers All-On-4 dental implants to give you back your smile.


More about All-On-4 Implants

So, what’s so special about All-On-4 dental implants? This new system only requires 4 dental implants to support a full denture, instead of 6 to 8 dental implants.

All-On-4 dental implants can do a lot for you, including:

  • Save you money, because there are fewer dental implants placed, making them far less expensive than traditional dental implants
  • Give you a beautiful, natural-looking, full smile, because the implant materials look just like natural teeth
  • Provide great stability, because the dental implants are placed at an angle, giving them greater contact with the bone
  • Produce quick results, because dental implant treatment only takes 2 to 3 hours per arch
  • Guarantee successful treatment, because All-On-4 dental implants boast a success rate of 98 percent

Dental implants may even help you look younger, by helping you produce more bone which fuses with the dental implants. More bone means a firmer jawline and more youthful facial contours, with less facial sagging that can happen with dentures.

Dental implants also fit in with your lifestyle, because you brush and floss them just like your natural teeth. With implants, you won't have to suffer the embarrassment of removing them for cleaning, or when you sleep. Imagine the convenience of having a permanent complete smile that is always in place!


Interested? Give Us a Call!

If you have worn dentures for a long time, or you have recently lost teeth, you need to discover the magic of All-On-4 dental implants. You deserve to look your best, and it all starts with a great-looking smile. For more information about All-On-4 dental implants and other restorative and cosmetic dental services, call Dr. Frederick Asuncion at Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick, Maryland today! The number is (301) 620-8882.

By Asuncion Dental Group
July 09, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

One day you take a good, long look at your smile in the mirror and realize that it’s not white, but rather a dull shade of tan or yellow. That’steeth whitening the moment when you should start exploring teeth whitening options. A visit with a general dentist at Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick, MD, will inspire you to brighten your smile.

Over the Counter Whitening Options
When they notice that their smiles have dulled, many patients will try a store-bought product. Common choices include toothpastes that have whitening properties, strips that you're supposed to wear for hours each day, and mouthwashes that are supposed to wash away stains with regular use. Though these products are easily accessible and relatively cheap, they simply do not provide the results that a dental visit will.

Take Home Trays
If you decide to go to your Frederick general dentist to address your tooth discoloration and staining, you’ll be presented with a couple of options. One is a do-it-yourself treatment that you can administer at home on your own time. You’ll be assigned two custom flexible dental trays and a special whitening gel. You must add the gel to the trays and wear them each day for about an hour. It may take a few weeks to get your smile white again.

In-Office Dental Whitening
When you want results right away, in-office teeth whitening is the best option. There are no daily tasks required, messy products or trays, or fear of not getting the results you want. The dentist applies a hydrogen peroxide-based gel directly to the teeth and activates the whitening process using a dental light. Because of the strength of the whitening gel and the direct application of light heat, results are shown after only 60-90 minutes of waiting.

The Best Option for Your Smile
The choice you make to whiten your smile will depend on your personal goals, timeline, and need for convenience. The quickest and most effective option is in-office teeth whitening by a general dentist at Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick, MD. Call (301) 620-8882 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Frederick Asuncion.

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