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CEREC Same Day Crowns

“Same Day” Crowns that are designed with CEREC technology

The crown is the white part of your tooth that is visible above the gums when you smile. Suppose the natural crown is damaged due to decay or other trauma. In that case, at Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick, Maryland, we can make a new (replacement) crown immediately in one visit while you wait. The “magic” is in the CEREC machine. 

Same-day crowns explained

CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” “Chairside” refers to how we can use this computer-aided technology to plan, design, fabricate, refine, and place dental crowns at our office. Other dental offices work with outside labs. They send information about your tooth to a lab, making the crown based on those specifications. After they’re done making your crown, you would then return to the office for a second visit to have it cemented or fixed into place. 

“Economical” refers to the value that patients get from the CEREC process and the crowns themselves. There is no wait to get your crown, and return trips back to the dentist are unnecessary. The crowns themselves are built to last from durable dental ceramic. 

“Restoration” refers to how this new tooth structure is designed and manufactured using a complementary camera, computer, software, and milling machine. The specialized camera creates an optical impression that is transferred to a computer monitor. Using CEREC software, our dentist, Dr. Frederick Asuncion, designs the crown. This design is then milled precisely from a block of dental ceramic. “Esthetic” is an appropriate term for these crowns because they are made to mimic the properties of natural enamel.

The benefits

The convenience our patients get from CEREC same-day crowns is second to none. While computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques are highly accurate, Dr. Asuncion can make adjustments or even a new crown in moments. At other offices, the outside lab would have to make the crown again, which means more weeks of waiting and a third visit back to the dentist’s office! Our team appreciates that we have quality control over every aspect of the process, from how the crown is prepared to how it is crafted to your unique needs. 

We can also use CEREC to design and fabricate other types of dental restorations, including porcelain veneers. Dr. Asuncion has had the privilege of immediately delivering a new crown to a patient who broke her tooth and was in pain because of it. He was able to resolve the discomfort and provide a long-term solution in 90 minutes. Likewise, a patient who was headed off to a wedding cracked her front tooth. Dr. Asuncion made the new veneer on the spot. She was able to smile confidently for the big day! 

Experience the convenience and comfort of cosmetic CEREC crowns and dental restorations for yourself. Contact us today at (301) 690-8482  to schedule your visit.