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Oral Cancer Screenings

Asuncion Dental Group on the front lines of Oral Cancer Screenings and early detection

Cancers are largely treatable today when detected and addressed before spreading to other parts of the body. When it comes to oral cancer, dental professionals like Dr. Frederick Asuncion of Asuncion Dental Group play a critical role in identifying cancers early when they are localized. His office in Frederick, Maryland, is a source for advanced and comprehensive services and technologies that support a long and happy life, in addition to an attractive smile. 

Screenings for oral cancer

Screening for oral precancers and cancerous lesions is a part of the routine “check-up” at our office. In addition to having your teeth and gums professionally cleaned, our dental group will look for abnormalities associated with, yes, the teeth and gums. But we are also looking for potential trouble spots associated with oral tissues and connected structures. Dr. Asuncion will both “palpate” or feel for suspicious areas of the face, neck, head, and mouth by touch. 

We also have advanced onsite technologies, allowing us to “see” what can’t be detected with a visual check or get more information about a lump or bump that we may have felt. As needed, a biopsy or small tissue sample will be gently removed. The sample is then analyzed to determine if cancer cells. These findings inform effective and prompt treatment. 

A few of the things that we are looking for during a screening include: 

  • White or gray patches (leukoplakia)
  • Facial drooping 
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Lumps or bumps 
  • Swelling 
  • Bleeding 
  • Rough surfaces
  • Red specks 

These symptoms may not be cause for alarm, or they can be indicative of other oral conditions that we can treat effectively and quickly. However, it is important that you contact us right away if you notice any of the above changes or problems such as a feeling that there is something stuck in your throat. You may also have a “chronic” sore throat or hoarseness, as well as pain that radiates throughout the face and ears. An open dialogue with us is essential if you have risk factors for oral cancer, such as the use of tobacco products. We will work with you to help reduce your odds of developing this cancer in the first place! 

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