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The beauty and ease of All-on-4® Implants

If you have lost (or are concerned about losing) many or all of your teeth, we appreciate the toll these concerns and challenges can take on your life. There is no aspect of life that isn’t affected in some way by poor oral health. Holding on to damaged teeth can be pretty painful and keep you up at night. An absence of teeth can cause you to hide your smile and negatively affect the joy you get from eating (and nutrition). Fortunately, at Asuncion Dental Group, we have the best options that modern dentistry has to offer, available at our office in Frederick, Maryland. These options include All-on-4® implants. 

What makes the All-on-4® system different?

Dental implants are usually considered the “gold standard” to replace a single tooth to all teeth in the upper and lower arches (jaws). The implants themselves are designed from a biocompatible or tissue-friendly material. So, when placed in the jaw, they are joined to the surrounding bone naturally and safely. In turn, the implant functions like a tooth root to hold or stabilize the overlying new teeth placed on top. These teeth are then joined to the implant in the jaw by ways of connectors, such as abutments for single tooth replacement or specialized clasps for implant-retained dentures, partials, and complete dentures. 

Due to the design of these implant-retained teeth systems, patients get great satisfaction from their new bridges or dentures. The teeth are quite literally “rooted” in the jaw. So, they can smile, talk, and eat confidently! Plus, implants help to keep the surrounding bone strong. Like natural teeth, the force from the replacement teeth transfers through the bone to the implant in the jaw. The jawbone gets such stimulation every time you use your teeth to, say, break apart or grind down food. By preventing bone loss, you avoid an array of ill effects caused by this destructive process; for instance, it can make chewing and speaking more difficult. The lack of facial bone can also prematurely age you. Facial tissues may sag and, as the jaw retreats, the lower portion of your face can appear sunken.

These teeth can be cared for like natural teeth, with straightforward oral hygiene and routine visits to our office. No unique oral care products or techniques are necessary. With good care, they can last a lifetime! 

Furthermore, thanks to the design of the All-on-4® system, we don’t have to place one implant to support every tooth that must be replaced. As you might imagine, that would be a cost-prohibitive and traumatic process for those missing all of their teeth in their upper or lower jaws. This approach allows us to place as little as four implants to support an arch of teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw. Each implant is placed strategically. So, a minimum number of implants may be used to support a maximum number of teeth effectively. Due to each implant’s specific positioning, even those who have already suffered from bone loss may be candidates for this system. In fact, it is a “graft-less” procedure. 

To find out more details about All-on-4® and the other implant options available at our office, contact us today at (301) 690-8482.