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Removable Dentures

From removable to complete, traditional to implants, Dentures to restore a confident smile

No discussion about extracting a severely damaged tooth is complete without discussing options to replace the removed teeth. The destructive effects of missing teeth begin to occur immediately. If the process of bone loss (or resorption) is allowed to progress, the impact can be devastating. Tooth replacement such as removable or implant-retained dentures can prevent or stop the process of bone resorption. These options, designed and placed by Asuncion Dental Group in Frederick, Maryland, also support efficient and healthy function and comfort and overall well-being.

Restore a confident smile; your quality of life

Regardless of if you anticipate extracting teeth or if you have had gaps in your smile for some time, we want to hear from you! Those with missing teeth or extractions on the horizon are fortunate to have many restorative options. We have outlined a few of these options below:

  • Removable partial dentures – Dr. Asuncion plans and designs new teeth systems in a precise manner. Often, complaints about conventional dentures have to do with a poor fit. If dentures do not fit well, they tend to slide around. Loose or otherwise ill-fitting dentures give rise to sores and problems with speaking or eating. If you are missing several teeth, he may use impressions or models of your mouth to guide the design and fabrication of your partials. This type of denture replicates the appearance and strength of natural teeth and gum tissue. The denture itself is connected to the remaining teeth with specialized attachments.
  • Removable complete dentures – This type of denture is designed to replace an entire upper or lower arch (or jaw) full of teeth. The denture is perfectly color-matched and fabricated to look, feel, and function like natural gums and teeth. When the denture is made precisely to your mouth’s curves and specifications, it is stabilized well in the mouth through the likes of natural suction. You avoid all of the complaints associated with traditional “false teeth.” And, yes, our dentures look like natural teeth and gums – not fake!

Many of our patients are also discovering the benefits of partial or complete dentures supported and stabilized in the jaw by dental implants. You can make the switch to these dentures, or you may opt for this option from the get-go. Implant-retained dentures help keep the supporting bone in the jaw strong because they are designed like natural teeth. The implants function like tooth roots. So, the force from behaviors such as chewing food is transferred through the teeth to the bone. In this manner, just like your muscles stay strong with exercise, your jawbone remains strong with “exercise” – the act of grinding and breaking down food. These dentures are also “fixed” in your jaw and do not require specific products like denture adhesives.

Do not delay regaining your confident, pain-free smile. Instead, contact us today at (301) 690-8482 to find out what options are best to rebuild your teeth.