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Oral Surgery

Asuncion Dental Group offers common Oral Surgery Treatments

At Asuncion Dental Group, we can often help you avoid surgery or recommend nonsurgical techniques to maintain or restore oral health. However, a time may come when surgical intervention is the preferred or only way to bring back the appearance and health of your smile. Due to our precision approaches, techniques, and tools, Dr. Frederick Asuncion can gently, conservatively, painlessly, and efficiently resolve a broad range of conditions that threaten your oral health and overall well-being.

Some of the most common types of surgical procedures that we offer in our office in Frederick, Maryland, include:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental implants
  • Corrective jaw surgery

Not all badly decayed or infected teeth can be “saved” with nonsurgical techniques such as root canal therapy. In those cases, a tooth must be removed. If the severely damaged tooth is not extracted, it presents a significant threat to the rest of your teeth and the rest of your body. We know that harmful bacteria do not “stay put.” They can travel from the oral cavity to other organs and systems via the bloodstream. Therefore, we must eradicate the bacteria by removing the tooth through exacting surgical techniques. We also discuss tooth replacement options alongside extractions. Why? The longer you go without replacing a missing tooth, the worse the effects of progressive bone loss become. Bone loss makes it even more challenging to chew and use your teeth. In addition, new cosmetic challenges are presented because the jawbone provides support to your face. Deteriorating bone tissue cannot adequately support overlying skin. So, bone loss promotes the development of facial folds that can age you. It can also alter the youthful shape of your face.

Dr. Asuncion offers all of the comprehensive services that you’d expect from a general dentist – and much, much more. For instance, dental implants are a straightforward surgical procedure. The implant is skillfully placed in the jaw. Once it joins the surrounding bone tissue, the implant can function as a tooth root. When a crown, bridge, or denture is placed on top of it, the implant stabilizes or quite literally “roots” the new tooth (or teeth). Due to the design of implant-retained teeth, this system is considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement.

Furthermore, surgeries to correct jaw imbalances reposition the bones and teeth. These procedures support comfortable and functional chewing, biting, swallowing, and speech. Still, other surgical treatments available at Asuncion Dental Group may be options to relieve the likes of TMJ symptoms, should less invasive interventions fail to get desirable or sufficient results. We also maintain excellent connections with some of the area’s top oral surgery specialists. As a result, no treatment is too complex or too involved for us to handle. Contact our office at (301) 690-8482 today to schedule your appointment.